Status quo: market parity of PV and onshore wind in Europe – Report 2022

In 2021, price levels in European wholesale power markets broke records. Consequently, current capture prices of renewables exceed full costs of onshore wind or PV projects by far, despite an observed but likely temporary increase in respective investment costs. Thus, even with moderate relaxation expected in prices for natural gas and therefore also for wholesale power in the mid-term, fundamental drivers indicate an attractive investment environment for renewable PPA projects.

Present competition in the established markets increasingly sparks interest in investment opportunities in Southeastern European markets.

Our free market report maps the status quo of market parity for onshore wind and PV for 25 countries and explains the dynamics behind it.

enervis Market Report - Status Quo: Market Parity of PV and Onshore Wind in Europe

This comprehensive study compares average capture prices between 2017 – 2021 with LCOE in 25 European countries and sheds light on wholesale market developments relevant for subsidy-free renewable projects. Gain insights into the profitability of subsidy-free renewables, drivers of future capture prices and implications for PPAs.

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