Renewable Energies

The path to an energy system dominated by renewable energies is outlined by the long-term goals of the EU and the Federal Republic of Germany. But renewable markets are also in dynamic development beyond political support systems: renewable energies have reached market parity or are on the verge of doing so. Renewable energies are thus becoming a central strategic business area for all market players in the energy industry.

We provide advice throughout Europe on expanding your renewable generation portfolio as well as on optimising the marketing of renewable generation and the design of sales products and PPAs. Inside and outside of support mechanisms, for example within the framework of long-term power sales contracts (PPAs) for producers and power consumers.

The interaction of renewable support mechanisms with the energy markets as well as investments in merchant projects are in the focus of our services, because the move away from the “guaranteed return” of feed-in tariffs towards the much more demanding business area of direct marketing on spot and futures markets is in full swing. This is evident, among other things, in the introduction of tenders for all major renewable projects in Germany and abroad and the growing importance of PPAs for new projects and the long-term operation of existing ones. These develpoments offer new opportunities, but also introduces new challenges for all market players.

Entrepreneurial decisions in the field of renewable energies therefore require more than ever a sound analysis of the opportunities and risks in the energy industry in the short-, medium- and especially long-term. We support such decisions with our extensive market experience, energy industry know-how and detailed models within the framework of individual consulting projects and general market studies.

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