Renewable Energies

The specific capture price of the electricity produced by a renewable assets plays an increasingly important role for the profitability of wind and PV projects. With our Revenue Report we offer a detailed economic assessment of future power market revenues of renewable generation assets, taking into account the specific location and generator technology. Our Revenue Reports help our clients to make informed decisions in project development, investment and financing as well as in the context of project sales.

A Revenue Report determines the financial revenue of a renewable generation asset based on a forecast of hourly wholesale power prices from the enervis power market model. The basis for this is formed by high-resolution location-specific wind speed or irradiation time series, the corresponding time series for electricity production and the wholesale prices from enervis power price forecasts. Our Revenue Reports are location-specific and take into account: power curve, hub height, performance characteristics and operating restrictions (for wind), module orientation, inclination and inverter characteristics (for PV). Additional revenues on top of feed in tariffs, pure merchant revenues as well as future income losses from negative power prices and §51 EEG are also calculated in detail within the Revenue Report. This provides valuable input for any financial evaluation of new and existing renewable generation assets.

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