Battery Storage Evaluation

“The expansion of renewable energies is leading to a growing need for electricity storage.” This sweeping mantra contrasts with the challenging framework conditions of many storage projects in the current environment. At the same time, interesting business models are developing in the field of battery storage. Flexibility markets, such as the intraday market, FCR and aFRR, but also the innovation tenders for storage, are clearly gaining in relevance.
This development makes it necessary to have a clear discussion of storage projects. Against this backdrop, we analyse the economic viability of battery storage systems, examine their energy industry requirements, assess framework parameters and examine business models for their economic viability and economic prospects.

As one of the market leaders in this consulting segment in Germany, we answer the central questions about battery storage:

  • Are investments in electricity storage economically? – Deployment optimisation and economic evaluation of individual battery storage projects
  • What markets and business models exist for electricity storage?
  • What developments are there in the electricity and balancing power markets, how do they work and what prospects are foreseeable?
  • Regulatory framework: What course can be set or is necessary?
  • How will the energy industry’s demand for electricity storage develop, based on model- and scenario-based forecasts?
  • Is it worth participating in innovation tenders for electricity storage in the context of renewable installations?

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