Gas Market

enervis monitors, analyses and evaluates current regulatory and market-driven developments in the gas market. The interconnection via pipelines and LNG routes form a global network that will allow the regional gas markets to continue to grow together. Gas storage provide additional injection and withdrawal capacities. As a result, global factors are also driving national or European gas prices. Although the trading market for gas provides transparent pricing information, pricing has become much more complex. Price level and price volatility are the result of international supply and demand developments. In addition, sector coupling will lead to shifts in final energy demand and will also affect gas from a national perspective.

Extensive market analyses are necessary for asset valuation, such as pipelines or gas storage. We put the national gas market in Germany in perspective to the European and international gas market. Our knowledge of the gas market from production, trade, transport and distribution to the end customer helps you to make the right decisions. For therefore we have standardized toolboxes, but are also willing to meet your individual challenges.