enervis initiates and moderates independent expert forums on a wide range of energy industry topics. Our platforms stand for a continuous and broad expert exchange and the formation of opinions.

We bring together players of the energy market to reflect our continuous market observations and analyses on the experts’ market assessments.

To this end, enervis analyses current issues of the energy market in close cooperation with its members in the run-up to regular meetings. As a result, options for action are derived that meet the increasing demands of the energy market.

All platform meetings will be held in German.

WPS. The wind energy and PV platform for public utilities.

  • brings light into a dynamic but confusing and small-scale market
  • provides support for the increasingly complex assessment requirements for wind energy and photovoltaic projects
  • bundles current issues of the platform members and
  • provides the answers through sound analysis
  • More information on the WPS, a selection of the issues already discussed and some of the platform topics planned for the future can be found here.
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eSIE: Expert Platform Electricity Market & PPA for Industry and Own Producers

  • Platform for industrial power consumers with strategic interests in the power market
  • Exclusive access to modelling of enervis-best-guess scenarios
  • Forecasts of developments in the wholesale power price and EEG levy
  • Assessment of PPAs in Germany and other markets
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EPP. The energy industry platform for PV and wind project developers.

  • Focuses on the interface of wind and PV projects with wholesale electricity markets
  • Provides updates and support for the increasingly complex assessment for wind energy and photovoltaic projects
  • Bundles issues from platform members and provides up-to-date answers through in-depth analysis.
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