Gas Storage and Storage Products

The storage market in Germany and Western Europe is subject to constant change. Regulatory interventions in neighbouring countries, the ongoing expansion of the gas grid and expiring long-term contracts are leading to changes in the storage business. But also the coal exit and the L-H gas conversion will have a significant impact on the storage business. The industry is therefore focusing on the continued operation or closure of storage facilities and on marketing and revenue opportunities.

The summer-winter spread has become a key earnings indicator for storage facilities in Western Europe. However, the flexibility beyond this must also be assessed. For this purpose enervis prepares both short-term and long-term scenario analyses for the following purposes:

Long-term analyses:
Fundamental scenario analyses of the European storage market
Decision basis for decommissioning or continued operation of storage facilities

We offer you long-term analysis of the role of storage facilities in the European gas market. Taking into account various grid expansion scenarios, demand and volume scenarios, we shed light on the necessity of storage facilities in the European market, including the international gas market. With GasTracks, enervis has a powerful tool for global load flow analysis. On the basis of the results, well-founded decisions on the future use of your storage facility can be made.

Short-term analyses:
Development of storage deployment and trading strategies
Design and evaluation of storage products
flexibility assessment

With Trimod, we have developed our own software product for evaluating storage products. Trimod can be calibrated by the user for the individual evaluation of a specific storage product. This makes it possible to make economic efficiency forecasts and to secure deployment decisions.

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