Coupling Sector Modeling

The framework conditions for a strategic reorientation of German energy policy are set. Under the heading of sector integration, the emergence of an integrated energy market in Germany is becoming apparent. In this market, the use of renewable power will play a dominant role in all consumption segments.

Within the framework of model-based analyses, enervis offers individual solutions for your company to quantify the effects of sector integration on individual business areas. enervis has a heat market model, a transport market model as well as a fundamental power price model at its disposal, which can model the sector integration under economic aspects as well as overriding climate targets and various parameters. Within the framework of the integrated energy market model, all central elements of the energy market are taken into account. As a starting point we offer you the enervis reference study for the development of the energy system until 2050.

This is based on our expertise and market assessment with regard to the development of relevant influencing variables:

• Technology development (cost, efficiency) until 2050 (Power-to-X, renewables, heat generation, mobility, etc.)
• Consistent development of commodity and CO2 prices

Furthermore, the developments of the energy demand resulting from fundamental parameters in the sectors heat, transport and power are presented. Central results of the modelling are:

• Power price (model endogenous modelling)
• Development and composition of the power plant park and power generation (conventional and renewable)
• Development of the composition of the heat and transport sector by 2050 by technology (electric heat pumps, e-mobility, …) and by fuel (power, gas, oil, …)
• Development and profitability of sector integration technologies (Power-to-X, energy storage, …)
• Provision of the required flexibility (energy storage, load management in all sectors)
• System costs & CO2 emissions

Based on the results of the reference study, we offer you the opportunity to discuss the strategic effects of sector integration on your company’s business areas and to point out options for action. You can make use of the flexibility of the enervis energy market model to conduct sensitivity analyses regarding the effects of different development paths (e.g. effects of possible regulatory changes, technological advances, fuel/CO2 prices).

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