Study: The Green Pool – A concept for decarbonizing the electro-intensive industry of Greece

In order to facilitate the transition towards climate neutrality until 2050, as defined in the EU Green Deal, cross-sectoral efforts are required. Electro-intensive industries can make an important contribution, since many are highly electrified and have the ability to finance large-scale renewable energy projects as well as utilize green hydrogen for production processes. Green Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) between project developers and industrial consumers offer chances to contribute to reaching those climate goals. In a study commissioned by MYTILINEOS S.A., a leading company in the non-ferrous metal industry of Greece as well as an important player in the Greek energy market,

enervis examined the current risks and chances for energy-intensive industries with regard to Green PPAs. To accelerate industrial decarbonization and mitigate existing risks, the paper analyzes the introduction of a “Green Pool” for Greece. The renewable energy is aggregated by the Pool, ensuring green electricity to the industrial consumers according to the amount of capacities added by them via PPAs. This helps reduce shaping and firming costs. Remaining costs can be subsidized by the Recovery & Resilience Facility (RRF), hedging price-related risks for both the industry and the RE developers.

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