Inhouse Workshop: The Future Role of Control Energy

The power market is undergoing massive change as a result of the energy turnaround. As a result, strategies that were once promising for utilities are now being put to the test and must be adapted to the new framework conditions.

How is the market and tender design developing? What role will renewables play in control energy in the future? What price developments, revenue opportunities and marketing strategies are foreseeable?

For years we have been analysing the future role of the control energy market, price forecasts and revenue options, based on the analysis of the status quo and emerging changes. We present the results of our analyses in our workshops and other events.


1. Developments on the balancing energy market

  • Control energy products (primary and secondary control energy, minute reserve)
  • Tendered services and release quantities
  • Historical price developments and mechanisms of price formation
  • Opportunities/risks from control energy calls – strategic pricing of service and working prices

2. The future market and tender design

  • How is the need for balancing power developing?
  • Expected changes in the products

3. Requirements for suppliers of balancing power, in particular renewable energy plants

  • Actual situation/history prequalified performance
  • New Technologies / Large Batteries
  • Prequalification requirements for EE
  • Which products can already be offered today and what is (technically) necessary
  • Previous experience of a TSO with RES
    Challenges for RES in the control energy market

4. Best guess electricity market development

  • Development of generation capacities and electricity market structures
  • Providers of balancing power today and in the future
  • Price development PRL, SRL, MRL

5. Opportunity costs

  • Influence of the control power reserve on the generation
  • Comparison of current prices with results from model calculations

6. Drivers of the control energy market (with model calculations)

  • Influence of new market participants (e.g. electric heaters, wind) on the competitive situation and future price development (model results)
  • Relevance for business activities

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