German Asset Outlook 2020. New report forecasts and evaluates a wide range of Power Market Assets.

The range of technologies active in the Power Market is getting more and more diverse. Battery as well as hydro storage, Power2X, power plants, CHP units and different renewable technologies. Market players struggle to develop a clear view on the relative profi tability of these assets. This is relevant for investors actively monitoring different asset-classes or complex targets and financial advisors, especially under tight schedules.

Against this backdrop enervis launches the »German Asset Outlook 2020«, which includes a Power Market Outlook as well as dispatch simulations and business-case caclulations for a wide range of technologies. This report gives you an up-to-date outlook and a clear understanding of on the underlying economics of established as well as new technologies, enabling investors to effectively and efficiently monitor the market.


Focus 1: Power plants

  • CCGTs with and without CHP
  • Engine based units of 10 and 100 MW in CHP
  • GTs of 400 MW with and without CHP
  • 400 MW hard coal units with and without CHP
  • 800 MW lignite plant

Focus 2: Storage & Power2X

  • Eight different P2X business
  • cases (Hydrogen etc. of 10 and 100 MW with and without heat production)
  • Utility scale LI-Battery unit 2 as well as 10 MW size
  • Hydro storage unit with 8 h storage equivalent
  • Power2Heat units of different sizes

Focus 3: Renewables

  • 5 MW onshore units at different locations and technologies in Germany (south, north)
  • Utility scale photovoltaics of 10 and 100 MW at different locations in Germany (south, north, fixed tilt, single axis tracker)
  • Offshore at different locations in the North & Baltic Sea
  • Others (hydro, Biogas)

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