Optimization of Power Plants and Generation Portfolios

Our integrated consulting approach includes market analysis, market forecasting and optimization of power plants and generation portfolios. This enables us to break down the effects of certain market scenarios on the cash flow of the production area and thus usefully integrate them into operational planning.

Power plant dispatch can be optimized on different marketplaces and generate revenues. While the spot and ancillary services markets are highly relevant for actual use, the overall economic result is usually defined by the optimization of the planned production and the hedging of prices for fuels and emission allowances in the derivatives market. For the dispatch calculation and optimisation of various types of power plants, we are using various optimization models developed by enervis. This can inter alia, determine the effects of the calculated forecast values ​​for electricity spot prices and ancillary service prices on the profitability of a specific power plant.

The optimisation of business processes in power plant dispatch, on the other hand, relies on software that has already been established in the company. In order to be able to optimise the power plant result, the processes in the preparation of long-term, medium-term and short-term planning must be well thought out. The peculiarities of the respective power plant are to be considered appropriately.

Inter alia, we offer a comprehensive package of services for dispatch and optimization strategies of power plants:

  • Dispatch calculation for individual power plants considering all essential technical and economic boundary conditions
  • Estimation of the optimization potential during conversion, upgrading or e.g. Addition of a heat storage
  • Development and implementation of optimized dispatch strategies on the derivatives market
  • Implementation of tools for monitoring the power plant result

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