Policy & Regulation

Due to the increasing (re)regulation of large market segments, the influence of energy policy on corporate strategies is bigger than ever. Monitoring policies, assessing regulatory risk and detecting niches and chances are becoming core competencies for successfully navigating energy markets.

It is a vital interest of companies, associations and NGOs to assess the impact of new policies and to make their position heard in the public discourse. This requires solid and quantifiable arguments. Only a productive public dialogue of all stakeholders can find solutions that ensure the success of the Energiewende.

enervis works across all sectors, energy sources and market segments. Our modeling reveals complex relationships and provides concrete recommendations. Our advice can draw on detailed market knowledge and our participation in all relevant policy discussion ensures coherent assessments of policy developments.

  • Monitoring regulatory and policy developments
  • Assessing policy impact on the market and on business models
  • Regulatory and market due diligence (DD) for investments in assets, companies and business models
  • Regulatory advisory and support for business development
  • Assistance in the preparation of arguments and position papers
  • Model-based studies to analyze market developments and the impact of new energy policies
  • Model-based studies on policies and market design
  • Statistics and market intelligence on developments in the energy industry
  • Energy studies on technologies and technology effects (e.g., CCS, P2G …)
  • Presentations and talks on strategic energy policy issues