Revenue Report for Wind and PV

A revenue report offers the opportunity to evaluate the individual revenue situation at a specific location for the corresponding technology up to the year 2050. The corresponding state remuneration (e.g. EEG remuneration in Germany) and the duration of the funding are taken into account. After the end of the term, the revenues are based on the specific market values ​​of the wind or PV farm. In addition to already known shutdown criteria, such as bird flight, all restrictions on the yield can be taken into account on an hourly basis in the revenue report and thus blended with the hourly prices from the scenario analysis of the power market. The neutral evaluation of the revenues shows possible additional revenues above the Feed-in-tariff during the EEG remuneration and then all revenues on the power market in continued operation.

In addition to the absolute revenues, market value differences can also be assessed, which allow conclusions to be drawn about the amount of direct marketing costs.

As a certified report, the revenue report is an ideal basis for submission to a financing bank or to investors for the sale of a project. Revenue reports can be prepared for both PV and wind energy onshore and offshore (for wind in cooperation with anemos Gesellschaft fĂĽr Umweltmeteorologie mbH) for all European markets.

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