Reference Study Coal Exit 2038 + Climate Package

Since the beginning of the year, the results of the coal commission The market players face the challenge of evaluating the regulations and deriving options for action.
We have processed the results of the Coal Commission in a current model calculation and used them to produce an up-to-date reference study. The study provides a first energy-economic well-founded basis for decisions to evaluate own generation assets and strategies.

We will explain the results of the study as well as derived effects on the energy market in a workshop in Berlin. The market scenario is based on a set of integrated assumptions regarding the energy policy, economic and technical framework conditions of the future energy market.


In addition to the presentation of the framework conditions relevant to the energy industry and the topics listed below, the study includes an energy-economic classification of the analysis results.

Workshop agenda

  • Vote of the Commission/ Draft legislation
  • Effect on the electricity price
  • Effect on the market value of renewables
  • Effect on the power trade balance
  • Compensation schemes and invitations to tender
  • Model results for coal closure auctions
  • Possible strategies of market players

The workshop does not include the full scope of the study, especially no detailed results and no results as Excel files.

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