GasTracks – Worldwide Gas Market Model with Focus on Europe and Germany

Long-planned infrastructure projects are cancelled, others reach the construction stage, new supply sources are developed while others are running dry. All these developments are embedded in changing consumption patterns and dynamic political and environmental circumstances. GasTracks helps to determine the future development of an increasingly interdependent global gas market.

The complex interrelation of these factors and their influence on gas flows and prices cannot only be understood qualitatively – enervis therefore has developed a holistic gas market model which allows to understand the status quo and enables scenario analyses of different development paths.


Mirroring market conditions
GasTracks is a linear network model, linking production, transportation, storage and consumption and taking into account constraints such as the regulatory framework, long-term contracts and pricing patterns – it determines how and where the gas will flow.

In order to mirror the present state of the market, enervis maintains a regularly updated worldwide database of crucial input parameters:

  • key infrastructure characteristics
  • consumption data per segment
  • economic framework
  • long-term contracts and pricing patterns

Swing is key – gas demand is not static. GasTracks therefore also mirrors the fluctuating demand and the means to match it:

  • demand patterns of end-user segments (temperature, economic development)
  • flexibility of import contract proxies
  • swing from production and storage
  • capacity of pipelines and LNG infrastructure



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