European Power Market Outlook until 2050. Long term market study.

European power markets are heading towards a phase of radical transition: ageing power plant fleets, national climate measures, e-mobility and storage technologies in combination with plunging costs of renewable energies will bring fundamental change. Utilities, investors and large-scale industrial consumers need to have a clear under-standing of value drivers in power markets.

This study explores possible and consistent developments in major European markets and provides a basis for evaluating existing and future investments. Our clients benefit from bankable projections of power prices, capture prices of renewables, spreads and generation technology mix on a country level.


  • enervis’ European Power Market Outlook provides you with either a best guess scenario or three consistent and plausible scenarios (high, best guess, low) of how European power markets could evolve up to 2050
  • Results are presented by country on an annual basis.
  • Model-based commissioning of conventional,  and renewable technologies for a realistic and consistent outlook on capture prices of existing and future assets
  • Quarterly updates, subscription service available

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